Solar Panel Installation

New Mexico Water & Electric is one of the top solar energy providers in the state. We specialize in renewable energy to help you save on your monthly bills and reduce your environmental footprint. If you’re looking for a reliable solar installation company, look no further.

  • Get lifetime service and monitoring of the residential solar panel systems we install
  • Utilize our services for existing systems installed by other companies
  • Solar battery backup power systems
  • Off-grid solar power systems

Power Your Home With 100% Clean Energy

With the realization of the freedom and immeasurable advantages of owning independent power systems, many New Mexico residents are choosing to live off the grid. The vulnerabilities of the power grid have come to light, many more people are realizing the tremendous advantage of separating from large electrical companies. New Mexico residents who make their own energy are closer to the forefront of power technology than ever before.

Living off the grid offers more economic freedom; it frees you from ongoing power bills that continually increase. And as more people continue to abandon the grid, the cost of maintaining its infrastructure for the remaining properties will be shared amongst the shrinking number of households, and this means a rising utility cost. 

Homeowners in New Mexico are capitalizing on the tremendous benefits of solar-powered systems to reduce their utility bills, increase the value of their homes, and saving the planet.

Why Go Solar?

The average homeowner can add significant value to their home when they go solar. Installing residential solar panels can give you a greater return on investment than most home renovations.

Independent Power

Complete installation and maintenance of off-grid solar power to be completely independent of the power grid.

Reduce Utility Costs

Heating and electricity prices are surging. Our clients have reduced their utility bills by over 40% with renewable energy. 

How Much Can You Save By Going Solar?

The electric company charges based on a volume rate (or the number of kilowatt-hours used).

With a energy efficient home, your electric bill only includes the number of kilowatt-hours you’ve used from the grid. They don’t add any electricity used from your solar panels.

When you only used power generated by your solar panels, the amount of electricity use on your bill would be zero.

If you could potentially: add more value to your home, save money, and add predictability to your bills, why wouldn’t you?

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