Commercial Solar Panels

Solar Power Solutions

Trust your business solar transition to New Mexico’s solar solution experts. Commercial solar panels reduce your business expenses, increase tax credits, and make a positive impact on the environment.

Making the Switch to Solar Makes Sense

With utility costs surging, installing commercial solar panels for your business means more money saved every month. Cut down on electricity bills, reduce your carbon footprint, and invest in your future.

New Construction

Solar panels are a great addition to any new construction project. Besides reducing your carbon footprint, a solar system will increase the value of your new home and help you get a higher return on investment if you ever decide to sell it. We can assess your needs, recommend the best solar system for your project, and install it before you move into your new home.

Our Services

Local New Mexico experts in solar installation, maintenance, and repairs. New Mexico Water and Electric for expert advice,  quality installation, and lasting support.

Assessment & Consulting

Get a price quote, potential savings outlook, and a better understanding of your options.


Our professional contractors are fully qualified to guarantee the quality installation of your new system. 


Choosing New Mexico Water & Electric means you secure a local solution for any maintenance or repairs.


Estimated Lifetime Savings

Create a Sustainable Competitive Advantage

Investing in solar energy reduces electricity costs, which frees up financial resources to re-invest in new business development and opportunities for your business to grow. Solar panels for commercial buildings can also earn you recognition as an industry leader in switching from fossil fuels to renewable energy.