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Secure the most effective solution in New Mexico for solar energy for your home or business. Tailoring solar power solutions to give you the choices you want, on or off the grid.

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Renewable Energy With New Mexico Water & Electric

New Mexico Water and Electric is one of the fastest-growing solar energy providers in New Mexico because of our unmatched commitment to our customers. A growing number of large corporations and fly by night solar power providers are leaving many customers with unanswered questions, miscommunication, and maintenance issues. NMWE focuses on building long term connections with our customers. We take our time and give you an upfront approach to find the most efficient solution for your home.

New Mexico Water & Electric always remains loyal and understanding to our customer’s growing needs. For this reason, choosing a local solar power provider will ensure connections for follow up maintenance assistance, repairs, and other services in the future. NMWE’s contractors are eager to help New Mexico residence secure the most effective solution for every possible need or concern. 

If you are looking for solar power for your home or business, we will provide a Free consultation to discuss your project.  New Mexico Water & Electric will find the perfect solution for you. Call today and see how our experienced team can help you.

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How Much Can You Save By Going Solar?

The electric company charges based on a volume rate (or the number of kilowatt-hours used).

With a solar-powered home, your electric bill only includes the number of kilowatt-hours you’ve used from the grid. They don’t add any electricity used from your solar panels.

When you only used power generated by your solar panels, the amount of electricity use on your bill would be zero.

If you could potentially: add more value to your home, save money, and add predictability to your bills, why wouldn’t you?

Why Go Solar?

Proven excellence

The average homeowner can add significant value to their home when they go solar. Installing solar power can give you a greater return on investment than most home renovations.

Independent Power

Complete Installation and maintenance of stand-alone solar power to be completely independent of the power grid. 

Reduce Utility Costs

Heating and electricity prices are surging. Our clients have reduced their utility bills by over 40% with renewable energy.

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